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At A D Bleasdale & Son Ltd all training is updated regularly to keep up with modern requirements.

We hold public liability insurace to the value of £5,000,000.

A D Bleasdale & Son Ltd are approved Solar Ground Source & Air Source Installers.


A D Bleasdale & Son Ltd offer the following services:


•  Gas Servicing Repair & Installation


•  Central Heating Installation & Upgrades


•  Complete Bathroom Fitting Service


•  General Plumbing Installation & Repairs


•  Renewable Energy Installations – Solar/Ground Source/Air Source


A5 NIBE Heat Pump Guide – Please click to view. 




We are increasingly being asked to specify,design and install underfloor heating systems, which can be in wooden or concrete floors or even as an overlay system.Because underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than a traditional radiator system we are being asked to link it with renewable energy to provide all or part of the the energy required, depending on the project and availability.


Another benefit is the fact that there are no radiators taking up valuable wallspace. Please visit the maincor website (click logo below) for more detailed information on various systems,controls and materials. We also use multi-layer pex pipe for hot and cold services which is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, available in long lenghs and has no scrap value.Also it has a great insulation value and we have had no trouble with rodent damage as opposed to other systems used in previous projects.


Recommending the right heating and hot water appliances to suit my customers’ homes and needs demands careful consideration. Efficiency, reliability and affordability are three things that always feature high on any list of priorities.

There’s no room for mistakes, so I only work with manufacturers I know can deliver. And Alpha Heating Innovation is a manufacturer I can consistently trust to do just that.


Count on Alpha

Alpha Heating Innovation has been supplying heating appliance in the UK for nearly 50 years.

The company belongs to the Italian-owned Immergas Group which, having produced over 4 million boilers alone, is regarded as one of Europe’s leading heating appliance manufacturers.

With some of the most advanced production facilities in the world at its disposal, Alpha is able to continually refine its product range, making the most of new and existing technologies to create genuinely innovative heating solutions.


A combination of high quality components and exceptional manufacturing standards means all Alpha products share outstanding performance and reliability levels.


Inspired by innovation

A selection of Alpha Heating Innovation appliances:


InTec boilers

Alpha’s latest boiler range comprises some of the most energy-efficient and innovative boilers available today.

Eight InTec models are available in a choice of outputs – three ‘C’ premium combis, two ‘X’ entry-level combis and three ‘S’ system boilers. – to suit a wide range of projects.

Alpha manufactures a selection of boilers in addition to Intec, ensuring there is an Alpha boiler to suit a wide range of projects.



Positioned neatly above the boiler, this compact unit extracts heat from waste gases that are normally expelled into the atmosphere through the boiler flue.

This is then used to pre-heat cold mains water before entering the boiler, in turn reducing the amount of gas required by the boiler to deliver hot water.

In addition, GasSaver reduces ‘dead leg’ – the delay that occurs while the combination boiler heats water to the correct temperature. This subsequently reduces waste water.



Unlike conventional solar thermal systems that operate with a traditional boiler, SolarSmart uses a combination boiler as back-up only, giving it a considerable energy saving advantage.

Its stored volume of hot water is heated only by the collected solar energy, so no gas is used in maintaining the cylinder temperature.

Should the solar heated water be exhausted, however, the combination boiler fires-up long enough to help satisfy any immediate demand for hot water.



A space-saving and energy efficient alternative to a traditional heating system set-up in homes with above average hot water demands.

A complete package solution, it includes a combination boiler, GasSaver unit and a thermal store, which draws heat from the central heating system.


Heat from the GasSaver unit and thermal store is used to pre-heat cold mains water prior to entering the boiler. This reduces the workload placed on the combination boiler, allowing it to deliver hot water in much larger volumes than usually associated with combination boilers